Re: Support Resistance strategy & Ideas

RodrigoRT7 wrote:
Mon Jul 19, 2021 1:04 am
Hello Sal, how are you? Are these markings you made on the chart an indicator or are they manual markings?
s/r lines are indicator and signals area based on strategy for forex and binary ... see the latest post..

Re: Support Resistance strategy & Ideas

Good Day All,

Brother @Sal
I am attaching my time tested classic indicator i have done some modifications in it & its very appropriate for this strategy
if someone takes pain to draw manual S/R as i have done in capture 3 "red lines" then it would be found that this indi is almost near to perfect in trend analysis over 1m & 5m timeframe hope to help every S/R trader.
The rules re to draw S/R lines Wick to Wick & wait for arrow upon arrow take trade for 3 to 4 bars expiry in M1 2 bars in M5 .
Test It!
Sup Res Arrow Alert Kashif Khan Mod.ex4
(73 KiB) Downloaded 219 times
Sup Res Arrow Alert Kashif Khan Mod.mq4
(64 KiB) Downloaded 297 times

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