IdeaRe: Help for Introduce Good trading system for Trading

Patience is the key!! Patience! Patience! Patience! Wait for the market to come to you.
Use H4 alone, start with moving averages strategy here, determine your risk before any trade. Divide the 200 into 20, that's 10usd risk per trade. Enter only one trade at a time. Only one and let it run to maximum, Have a rule based entry and exit strategy. Patiently Test it on strategy tester, can't emphasize that enough, Test it, Test Test Test!!! If you can stick to the higher time frame, you will get results. Try mladen's 3ma cross, use 10, 50,,200 EMA, use FEMA hull ma to catch turning points, use HMA trend to further filter,use signal to noise indicator to filter out ranging market,use bclockspread to monitor spread,trade major pairs with low spread, don't focus on the money but on the will lose trades,it will hit stop loss many times but the few wins will wipe out all loses, if and only if you stick to the plan

Re: Help for Introduce Good trading system for Trading

alijvhr wrote:
Fri May 14, 2021 5:17 pm

IS it possible introduce good trading system or indicator with high win rate?
I am trading about 1.5 years but I have not yet been able to find a proper trading system and strategy, and unfortunately 6 to 70% of my trades are closed at a loss.

My balance is $ 200 and I would be grateful if you could provide me with a strong and reliable trading system so that I can make up for my losses.
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