Re: v2v dynamic system

v2v dynamic system has been updated:
─ font size adjustment of navigational buttons
─ improved allow dll checks with info /error display on the chart
─ when clearing all objects manually >>> pressing [ CTRL + B ] [ List All ] [ CTRL + A ] [ Delete ] will restore all objects. A sort of maintenance only if you added a bunch of lines or you wanted a reset of all objects location (e.g. VWAP/VPR vertical line guides ─ to & from <<< though you may delete just the two normally in a simple stroke of mouse and delete key)
─ added another sync action for vpr indi (visual issue) and pivot fibs plus indicator with regards to horizontal bar type (#4) and clear the show box session. may download the updated system at post #1
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Wednesday, April 17, 2019
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Re: v2v dynamic system

Updated info...

☄ Ideally...

☛ The v2v dynamic system is best suited on H4 TF or higher using a Trend following strategy... However, if Session timings are the main or crucial part of a strategy, one must/should or may consider using the H1 timeframe and below ONLY. This is particularly logical or correct as the indicator builds pivots using the current chart prices (data). So there is no sense to use the Session guides ( Weekly-Monthly-Q1-Yearly ) for time frames higher than H1. It means... that one needs to be careful when using a Weekly chart to build MN1, Q1, and YR1 because as the original coder of the All Pivots indicator (the core of Pivot Fibs plus) said that... he can't get the exact start date of these timeframes, which is actually true. Hence don't rely on Pivots build if your current chart timeframe is higher than H1. Thus on the W1 chart, one should look "inside" of bars to find the correct prices for 1st January and 31st December of each year (almost always). Hence, the original coder suggested not use the Pivots on larger than D1 timeframes.

☛ With Volume Profile ─ Range indicator which is typically suited for the M30 timeframe is very useful together with Pivot Fibs plus indicator which has the PVP (Peak Volume Price, also known as POC ) without the horizontal volume bars.

☛ Swing Traders may use the TDZ's dynamic floating levels or zones ( band high & low with midpoint ) that may look to show OB/S levels ( careful, looks ONLY ).

☛ The Pivot Fibs indicator is armed with calculated ranges wherein the Daily and Weekly range info is better or more reliable if the current timeframe is less than or equal H1 TF only... more importantly when gauging or sizing up the trading range.

Re: v2v dynamic system


─ News Event indicator is now with News vertical line on Chart ( first-row event ).
─ Change default HMA/RSI speed from 3.0 to 1.8, but with the exemption of Long DSMA.
─ Changed default update speed in minutes to 0.5

Traders Dynamic Zones (TDZ)
─ Removed Divergence
─ Line width changed to 1
─ Fixed MTF 1st load whenever it switches to another pair using the HA-APB indicator's Symbol changer.
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Re: v2v dynamic system

※ v2v dynamic trading system: updates...

The v2v dynamic trading system for MT4 just suited up with an improved Deviation-Scaled algorithm ─ mod & fused with HA-APB calculation - Best Formula exclusively with the following custom indicators ; )─

☛ Traders Dynamic Zones
☛ Long & Short Deviation-Scaled Hull Moving Average
☛ HA-APB Price Action Channel
☛ Neural Network ─ HMA 
Other updates... 
☛ New default parameters for Short Multiple DSMA, and Linear Weighted MA method only for Long Multiple DSMA
☛ Button action call process modification for Neural Network HMA
☛ Can not set millisecond timer issue with HA-APB in MTF mode has been fixed
☛ HA-APB updated MTF mode: Heiken Ashi default MTF mode is ON
☛ TDZ ─ MTF mode new features have been added ─clickable MTF mid-button switch is now clickable: Instant MTF time frame switches
☛ Fixed issue with limited bars for TDZ - MTF switch
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Re: v2v dynamic system

download the updated one..... above

─ Fixed HA-APB symbol pairs >>> on-chart location
─ Fixed issue with limited bars for TDZ - MTF switch ( again )
Having a limited number of bars to load by default for MTF mode... pains me ; )─ Issue appears one after another.. just for me to achieve what I wanted with this system.

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