Re: v2v dynamic system

─ Replaced TVI Laguerre with the NEW McGinley based TVI... a Blau's TVI fused with McGinley Dynamic
─ FTMO based v2v Power & Top Correlation tool added the following highlighted pairs below.
↓ Using instruments/pairs from F T M O

v2v dynamic
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v2v dynamic
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Re: v2v dynamic system

dear Nathan - whishing you good health

thankyou for your continued efforts and for sharing your remarkable tools

a humble request

please may you alter long dsma so you can actually change the colour ( i appreciatte this is not perhaps how you intended the system to be used however i have began to notice on an offline chart ) if you set the long dsma to 1 as apposed to 1.8 it imitates the macd 0.5is intresting( this on the dow dont know about currency and im using range bars before any one starts thinking its mirical postion ( not aimed at nathan) aimed at inexperianced peolple like myself trying to pick up a thing or too so i state i myself am a rookie )

any who when the 1.8 and the one cross you can draw V T L's example in image

my humble request in short is as follows
please make long dsma be able to have 3 buttons and please allow long dsma to change its colours in input parameters

i fully understand if my request isnt taken on board

and i remain ever thankful there are people like you in this world

extending my sincerest thanks for your work and sharing nature it is a beautiful thing

the dsma is important to me because of divergence within two ocilators and clearly being able to see the mac out of the 3 is important to me

if you would like to fiddle with bottom indicator please let me know and i will share some -how with you as i know it will be intuitive hands other wise it will be just the ex and the file it came with

and otherwise i dont want to be invovled breaking any rules or upsetting any one coder who coded it for me put my name on it just so he knew who it was for ideally i would like to remove that as its abit douche to have something named after you so will look at the code and rename it hopefully i managed to change bar look back period myself even though im abit of a spaz :D this helped cpu running offline charts :)

many many thanks

Re: v2v dynamic system

FTMO based currency... updated
As always, one must adjust the Market timing via PIVOT FIB plus parameter settings.
v2v dynamic
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v2v dynamic
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LoveRe: v2v dynamic system

nathanvbasko wrote:
Sun Mar 28, 2021 7:24 am
I got severe COVID-19... and still recovering

I'll update the News tool once fully recovered.

Stay Healthy and Safe

What the hell :sad:
Oh man sorry to hear of this, rest and get well soon V2. We all miss you bro. Hope you are still able to trade and make an earning during this time?

Keep us updated.
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