Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

xard777 wrote:
Mon Jun 07, 2021 2:55 am
Here is another book depository... about 80 million ebooks to d/l for free
Knowledge is power, go forth and empower yourself :-) ... 52798.html
How is retirement going?

I found this amusing but truthful quote in the Gartley book.
"And what about the professional trader’s official uniform? Is it a brightly
colored jacket from the Chicago Board of Trade? No; most traders get through the work day in a
bathrobe that hasn’t been washed in a while!"

Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

RplusT wrote:
Mon Jun 07, 2021 3:20 pm
thank you mrtools, but I'm using the latest version i.e. XU HL......Overlaying the XU5 would make a double burger with an even higher demand of CPU

Just an update Xard sent me the source will hopefully have it done a little bit later.

Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

francisfinley stimpy wrote:
Mon Jun 07, 2021 11:25 am
no perfect oscillator & if you keep testing you will see they all do the same thing over a horizontal line.
In the last few years I always took my bias from H1 or H4
and very rarely looked at the Daily chart when trading.
in Dec 2020, I started following Xard's thread and decided
to include indices in my trading.

I remember one of your posts a few months back where you
mentioned if we look at indices historically or on the Daily tf,
we can see the US index market has been rising for a long time.

so if i was a Daily tf trader I would look only to buy.
but where to buy? perhaps when i see a bounce on a rising
trend line.

Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

US30 is in an UP Trend on D1.
However on M30, it has made a stop hunt
and now it will retest the previous support at 34393.

so, If we were to take a Sell Trade, which is against
the trend, we would look to exit around 34393
(marked in a dotted line and box. That's a target of 260 pips.

Once price reaches 34393, I would look for a reversal
sign to buy it if there is one. Otherwise wait for it.

Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

RplusT wrote:
Mon Jun 07, 2021 12:33 pm
Appears to me you are going interstellar now. Look like the rings of the Neptune...... :D
How can I activate the rings of Fibo all around Neptune?? I'would like to try and fly..
Timing is all

Quando tutto sembrava perduto ho guardato in faccia la sconfitta e ho trovato la speranza

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