Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

braciola719 - I posted a few posts back that you just add MA V3 on top of the XU lite version Xard posted.

DVanAssen - If I see it I will get in. Like yesterday shorted and this morning long.
Movement all over the shop at minute - if you look at other markets all getting a bit cagey up here.

I am just following it up and down on the 60min chart - paint by numbers style. I have had a look at 5min/15min on WS30/DJIA - I am not sure its wise to be down at that level unless looking for longs on US stocks - even then I think 30m-60m is optimal.

I also look at a lot of other stuff too (Xard and I have been at this a very long time) - but this system will win you points if you play sensibly.

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