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v2v dynamic trading system ...updates...
※ Volume Profile - Range with VWAP
※ anchored VWAP
─ These tools are now using by default the tick Volume data source based on what the VP-Range (more on tick data quality) tool is currently using. Otherwise, it will use the default VWAP setup (classic VWAP)
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...almost there guys/gals

Soon... constant update will end... The only foreseeable updates remain for v2v trading system are with the following tools
─ Long & Short HMA-DSMA
─ Traders Dynamic Zones
─ Pivot Fibs plus

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v2v dynamic trading system ...updates...

※ Neural Network: Fixed... first run event to improved chart template loading
※ TDZ-MTF: Fixed... first run event to improved chart template loading
※ VP-Range & VWAP: Added option for Volume Type >>> default "Tck Volume" | The "Real Volume" is for an instrument that can be traded with such an option/feature with your broke
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Re: v2v dynamic system

The Mystical, Mathematical MIDAS
An Anchored VWAP Channel
For Congested Markets
by Andrew Coles, PhD

Physicist Paul Levine based his Midas (market interpretation/data analysis system) approach to technical analysis on a mathematical modification of the volume-weighted average price (vwap). Behind this modification is a well-thought-out philosophy of what drives market prices. This philosophy can be reduced to five basic tenets:

1) The underlying order of price behavior is a fractal hierarchy of support and resistance levels.
2) This interplay between support and resistance is coaction between accumulation and distribution.
3) This coaction, when considered quantitatively from raw price and volume data, reveals a mathematical symmetry between support and resistance.
4) This mathematical symmetry can be used to predict market tops and bottoms in advance.
5) Price and volume data — the volume-weighted average price — subsequent to a reversal in trend, and thus to a major change in market (trader) sentiment, is key to this process of chart prediction.

The problem:
While there is no obvious flaw in the logic that binds these five principles, there is one weakness in the final tenet involving what follows the end of a trend and a significant change in market sentiment. In his lectures, Levine repeatedly identified the ends of trends with significant trend reversals. Yet this need not be the case; the end of a trend will more likely herald a resting phase in market activity.
This one is an ATR based MIDAS Channel made by v2v

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Can you outline the strategy for entering and exiting the trade, I have gone through all the previous reply but doesn't find any
Otherwise it lead to subjectivity and reduce the efficiency of this gri8 system.

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