Following Gamestop debacle Robinhood offers cash bonuses for new deposits

Robinhood, which was likely bleeding users in the wake of the Gamestop debacle, is offering up to 5% cash bonus for new deposits ranging from 10 USD for a 200 USD deposit to 250 USD for deposits of 15,000 USD and above. That bonus, according to Robinhood, will not be available to everyone but only to people who have received by a direct invitation by the company, nor can it be withdrawn for 60 days after receiving it.

The program began the same day American citizens got their 1,400 USD stimulus checks under the 1.9 trillion USD coronavirus aid bill and it will last, apparently, until April 4th. Naturally, Robinhood has denied any connection between the program and the stimulus aid. Robinhood’s CEO, who recently testified before the US Congress about Robinhood’s business practices, admitted in video published by the company that they are working hard to enhance their crypto trading platform and to repair the reputational damages done to them by the aforementioned debacle.
Do they really think people will forget their behaviour if they paid them?

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