CFTC Grants $9 Million as Award for Whistleblower

The CTFC recently granted a $9 million reward a whistleblower. That is one of the largest awards granted by the overseer’s Whistleblower Program.
It was granted because the whistleblower provided a specific and credible tip which led to an investigation and the culprits were brought to justice.
The CTFC has not disclosed, however, who the whistleblower is, what the tip was about or what was the crime.
The Director of Enforcement at CTFC, James McDonald, issued the following statement:
“We recognise that often whistleblowers come forward to report misconduct at great personal and professional risk. Cases like this serve as a reminder that the Whistleblower Program can reward that courage in a very real way, helping to soften the blow of any adverse consequences those whistleblowers might face.”
No wonder they did not disclose the whistleblower's identity, that individual is likely threatened by reprisals.

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