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EUR/GBP Technical Analysis: Euro bulls break above 0.8800 figure targeting 0.8847 level

- EUR/GBP is being in reversal up mode after the drop in the last weeks of trading.
- EUR/GBP bulls broke above the 0.8800 figure opening the gates to 0.8847 (September 20 low).
- A break below 0.8752 (October 16 low) would likely invalidate the current bullish momentum.

4 Hour Chart
2018-10-19 17_51_13-EUR_GBP (2)-636755611754076404.png

Spot rate: 0.8821
Relative change: 0.26%
High: 0.8824
Low: 0.8775

Main Trend: Neutral

Resistance 1: 0.8847 September 20 low
Resistance 2: 0.8876 September 11 low
Resistance 3: 0.9000 figure

Support 1: 0.8800 figure
Support 2: 0.8752 October 16 low
Support 3: 0.8722 October low
Support 4: 0.8700 May low
Support 5: 0.8620 current 2018 low
Support 6: 0.8400 May 2017 low

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EUR/GBP bear flag 4H Chart

EUR/GBP Technical Analysis: Creating a bear flag on 4-hour chart

- The EUR/GBP is likely charting a bear flag - a bearish continuation pattern - on the 4-hour chart.
- A break below the lower edge of the bear flag, currently seen at 0.8787, would signal a revival of the sell-off from the Sept. 21 high of 0.8996 and could yield a re-test of the recent low of 0.8723.
- On the higher side, only a break above the trendline connecting the Aug. 28 high and Sept. 21 high would weaken the bearish case.

Spot Rate: 0.8838

Daily High: 0.8844

Daily Low: 0.8835

Trend: Bearish

4-hour chart
EUR_GBP (15)-636758665527915470.png

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EUR/GBP: Bulls challenging the 0.8900 figure

EUR/GBP Technical Analysis: Euro bulls challenging the 0.8900 figure

- EUR/GBP is trading in a bull trend above the 200-period simple moving average on the 4-hour chart.
- EUR/GBP is holding above 0.8850 as the 50 SMA crossed above the 100 SMA. Technical indicators remain bullish although the Stochastic is in oversold condition.
- The next level to break for bulls is 0.8900 followed by the 0.8950 level. Meanwhile, a break below 0.8800 would most likely be a warning signal for bulls.

EUR/GBP 4-hour chart
2018-10-26 19_02_26-EUR_GBP (8)-636761701725540272.png
Spot rate: 0.8879
Relative change: 0.06%
High: 0.8893
Low: 0.8861

Main Trend: Bullish

Resistance 1: 0.8876 September 11 low
Resistance 2: 0.8900 figure
Resistance 3: 0.8950 figure
Resistance 4: 0.9000 figure

Support 1: 0.8876 September 11 low
Support 2: 0.8847 September 20 low
Support 3: 0.8800 figure
Support 4: 0.8752 October 16 low
Support 5: 0.8722 October low

Source: https://www.fxstreet.com/news/eur-gbp-t ... 1810261704
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EUR/GBP vigilant on Brexit headlines

EUR/GBP vigilant on Brexit headlines – Danske Bank

Chief Analyst at Danske Bank Jakob Christensen assessed the recent price action around the European cross.

Key Quotes

EUR/GBP trended higher last week on the back of deteriorating Brexit optimism and on the news that the dissatisfaction with Theresa May’s Brexit plan is increasing within the UK Conservative party”.

“We still see risks skewed to the upside for EUR/GBP in coming months ahead of December’s EU Summit meeting. Today, we will keep an eye on the UK budget as the government’s supporting party, the DUP, previously threatened to vote down the budget if the UK government is set to make any kind of border control deal between Northern Ireland and Great Britain as part of a future withdrawal agreement with the EU”.

Source: https://www.fxstreet.com/news/eur-gbp-v ... 1810290950
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EUR/GBP could drop to 0.8300

EUR/GBP could drop to 0.8300 in case of Brexit deal – Danske Bank

Morten Helt, Senior Analyst at Danske Bank, believes the European cross could retreat to the 0.8300 region in a 3-month horizon.

Key Quotes

“The Bank of England meeting did not cause any significant reaction in EUR/GBP, but the cross broke below 0.88 later yesterday afternoon amid improved Brexit optimism on the back of a report by the Financial Times saying that the EU will explore a compromise on Northern Ireland that would give the UK stronger guarantees to avoid the customs border issue”.

“Brexit will remain key driver and source of volatility for GBP until a deal is reached. In our base case we target EUR/GBP in 0.83 in 3M assuming that a decent Brexit is reached within the time period” :thumbdown:

Source: https://www.fxstreet.com/news/eur-gbp-c ... 1811020843
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EUR/GBP to test 0.92-0.95 range if May loses a vote of confidence – Danske Bank

EUR/GBP to test 0.92-0.95 range if May loses a vote of confidence – Danske Bank

Analysts at Danske Bank offer their outlook on the EUR/GBP cross on the probable scenarios on the outcomes of the UK PM May’s leadership challenge.

Key Quotes:

“Probability UK PM May remains as a leader and that parliament votes yes to her Brexit deal "has declined substantially"

See EUR/GBP to fall into a 0.865-0.88 range if May remains in charge.

EUR/GBP to remain volatile ahead of parliament's Brexit vote.

A "decent Brexit" looks less likely, but EUR/GBP to 0.83 in three months if so.

The probability of a no-deal scenario has increased … EUR/GBP could test 1.00.

If May resigns or loses a vote of confidence --> EUR/GBP to 0.92-0.95 range.

In case of a second Brexit referendum, EUR/GBP to be seen between 0.82-0.86.

A Remain vote to drag EUR/GBP below 0.80.”
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EUR/GBP Technical Analysis: Set-up points to extension of the recent positive momentum

EUR/GBP Technical Analysis: Set-up points to extension of the recent positive momentum

  • The cross continued with its consolidative price action just three-week tops and has been making higher lows on intraday charts, forming a bullish ascending triangle.
  • Given that the cross is holding comfortably above important daily moving averages - 50, 100 & 200-day SMAs, add credence to the near-term constructive outlook.
  • Meanwhile, bullish technical indicators on hourly/daily charts further support prospects for an extension of the pair's strong momentum witness last week.

EUR/GBP 15-mins chart
EUR_GBP (18)-636784708099059483.png

Last Price: 0.8917
Daily change: 6.0 pips
Daily change: 0.0673%
Daily Open: 0.8911

Daily SMA20: 0.8812
Daily SMA50: 0.8834
Daily SMA100: 0.8884
Daily SMA200: 0.8836

Daily High: 0.8926
Daily Low: 0.8886
Weekly High: 0.8906
Weekly Low: 0.8656
Monthly High: 0.8942
Monthly Low: 0.8722
Daily Fibonacci 38.2%: 0.8911
Daily Fibonacci 61.8%: 0.8902
Daily Pivot Point S1: 0.8889
Daily Pivot Point S2: 0.8868
Daily Pivot Point S3: 0.8849
Daily Pivot Point R1: 0.893
Daily Pivot Point R2: 0.8948
Daily Pivot Point R3: 0.897

Source: https://www.fxstreet.com/news/eur-gbp-t ... 1811220808
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Does anyone have an analysis regarding when the sideways consolidation may end, it's gone on for months now.


mlawson71 wrote:
Mon Dec 03, 2018 12:05 am
Does anyone have an analysis regarding when the sideways consolidation may end, it's gone on for months now.
Still an uptrend sir. Are you in any trades for EURGBP? All this Brexit stuff is causing headaches! It can't decide where it wants to go but long-term bias is to the upside.
I know Jimmy is in a few long trades for this pair and maybe Mr Macd&rsi too.

Here's some analysis:

EUR/GBP Technical Analysis: Euro dropping against the British Pound en route to the 0.8840 level

  • EUR/GBP is trading in a bull trend above the 200-period simple moving average (SMA).
  • EUR/GBP slipped through the 0.8900 figure as technical indicators are weakening.
  • The next target to the downside is likely located near the 0.8840 level.

2018-11-30 17_52_28-EUR_GBP-636791935749314933.png

Additional key levels

Today Last Price: 0.8861
Today Daily change: -50 pips
Today Daily change %: -0.561%
Today Daily Open: 0.8911

Previous Daily SMA20: 0.8811
Previous Daily SMA50: 0.8832
Previous Daily SMA100: 0.8885
Previous Daily SMA200: 0.8836

Previous Daily High: 0.8922
Previous Daily Low: 0.884
Previous Weekly High: 0.8934
Previous Weekly Low: 0.8839
Previous Monthly High: 0.8942
Previous Monthly Low: 0.8722
Previous Daily Fibonacci 38.2%: 0.8891
Previous Daily Fibonacci 61.8%: 0.8871
Previous Daily Pivot Point S1: 0.886
Previous Daily Pivot Point S2: 0.8809
Previous Daily Pivot Point S3: 0.8778
Previous Daily Pivot Point R1: 0.8942
Previous Daily Pivot Point R2: 0.8973
Previous Daily Pivot Point R3: 0.9024

Source: https://www.fxstreet.com/news/eur-gbp-t ... 1811301653
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No, I don't have any EUR/GBP trades. I haven't had any for a while because the pair was developing so flat, and in turn that was what frustrated me so much.

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