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mlawson71 wrote:
Tue Apr 06, 2021 9:44 pm
Do you guys it's too late to buy now?
Don't think so, most solid prediction I heard was it would stop at around $8 others say $20 or $30 and one more said from $10,000 to $30,000. :)

Re: Bitcoin News & Discussion

...till governments seriously start to regulate it, citing anonymity, money laundering and and......Eventually they will come up with their own for total control and get rid of the rest. It's already in the making, once they have achieved their goal of a cash free society. No need for paper and coins. Just my personal view while watching the process.
I wouldn't call it a currency anyway but rather a speculative instrument, due to it's extreme volatility and uncertainty.

Re: Bitcoin News & Discussion

lol..... It's the typical China is bad and we are the good guys propaganda. China as well as the US thrive for financial dominance. China and also Europe are seeking to establish their own channels to gain independence from the US money transfer system and the use of the USD in particular. I don't blame them. The system has been misused for threats and sanctions for too long. Eventually all will have their own digital currencies and ban the rest. Otherwise a big part of the economy would be outside their control. "Big brother" does not like that.

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