Re: Do you really think it's free & fair?

just to follow on from the post above this 20 min Tucker Carlson piece on Gamestop. short selling hedge funds and Wall st corruption. Features a brilliant interview with Dave Portnoy taking down Robinhood and the massive market manipulation that is currently going on.

Re: Do you really think it's free & fair?

Shares in GameStop rose to 70% after FX brokerage Robinhood lifted the company buying limit last Friday. These limits were introduced as a response to an overload of small retail investors’ interest in GameStop shares. AMC shares trading is also back after it too soared after the Reddit so-called market coup.

Moreover, the fractional shares feature was also restored after it was restricted to only closing positions. Back then, clients were allowed only to sell their fractional positions, with no way of opening new ones.

So they finally deigned to do that. :lolno:

Re: Do you really think it's free & fair?

Recent concerns raised by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) have increased awareness concerning the trading activity of retail users based entirely on information gathered or speculated from online forum sites or similar sources.

ESMA released this concern almost as an official warning, following the short squeeze controversy of GameStop stocks, which was the product of many retail investors ravishing the global FX community. Mainly, ESMA mentioned the subreddit group responsible for all of this-WallStreetBets.

You'd think they'd go after the shortsellers instead, but nope, the ordinary people doing something completely legal must be warned about.

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