Re: CAD news

It's testing 1.33 once again but like EUR/USD I think this consolidation may take a while to end.

Re: CAD news

1.3300 is still holding, the pair may depreciate back toward 1.3275 - 1.3270 but I doubt there will be a bigger movement.

Re: CAD news

USD/CAD dropped to 1.3180 and is still quite bearish, we may see it depreciate further to 1.3150.

Re: CAD news

It remains undecided around 1.3175 and I doubt it will drop below 1.3100 by the time the market closes today.

Re: CAD news

It rebounded from 1.3170 and rallied toward 1.3260, next week it will likely continue rising toward 1.3300.

Re: CAD news

I am preparing for a further rally once the market opened today, let's see whether it will reach 1.3300.

Re: CAD news

USD/CAD is relatively bullish so it may continue rising to 1.3300 but I doubt it will break out above that level soon.

Re: CAD news

The pair testing 1.3235 and it is bearish for now, so we may see it drop back down to 1.3200.

Re: CAD news

It's back to testing 1.3170, let's see whether it will break out below that level. If it does it may continue falling toward 1.3100.

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