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Re: Various (Specialist) indicators for MT4

by: Jon
Brilliant work kvak!! Truly amazing skills you have :thumbup: It's looking and working great on my charts combined with your 2XMA but I and the rest of the community are looking forward to @josi's insightful and critical feedback which is highly appreciated. Since these were his suggestions ;) http...

Re: Indicators with ON/OFF buttons

by: Jon
thomdel wrote: Sat Jan 15, 2022 4:23 pm @ kvak

Respected Sir,

If Possible for you, Request you to Please Post this Indi : XU ma BT 1.1 -- without button
Reason : So that we can use it as regular Indi ( especially for dots ( arrows ) on chart )

Thanks for your Time, Efforts, Posts, Generosity
This may be what your looking for

Re: Fractal Order Blocks Open Secret System

by: Jon
I've started using the order blocks indi on the daily time frame (I work full time so i can't trade lower timeframes) I look for trend confirmation under/over the order block. It's looking positive but obviously patience is important as price doesn't always go your way initially. Look forward to mor...

Re: Fractal Order Blocks Open Secret System

by: Jon
The key with trading these is being able to trade as price approaches them rather than wait for confirmation after price is already moving the direction you want. This helps get the higher risk reward trades when they come off. Thanks sebking I currently have a trade running with this scenario as a...

Re: Pumba´s - Swing Trading System

by: Jon
PumbaPLS wrote: Mon Mar 07, 2022 11:35 pm Please look at Post #1

the file is called "SwingTradingNNFX.rar" and its at the very bottom of the Post #1
There are a lot of indicators and files on the rar file hence why PumbaPLS did it this way. If you get stuck a simple Google search of how to extract a rar file will do the trick.