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Re: What is a Trading Plan?

by: sebking1986
Maybe not having one is the problem. Simply put it's a set of repeatable rules that determine trade size, entry and exit. And has been tested over x number of trades and found to have a positive expectancy. A plan backed by statistics becomes a 'profitable strategy'. Without a plan you're relying o...

Re: Is Micro account best way?

by: sebking1986
1. If you don't adhere to money management rules on a demo, don't even start, as it will be a waste of your time (or worse: gambling). As you say: it is preparation for live trading (for all aspects of trading). People who tell you something else either don't really trade or try to fool you. 2. It ...

Re: Sports Betting Arbitrage

by: sebking1986
This is called dutching and it does work well but as mentioned as with any strategy that creates long term value on bookies, be it with sports or casinos, if they catch you they stake limit you and/or promo ban you. Also check out matched betting where you lay off bets on the exchanges to guarantee ...