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Re: Waddah Attar Indicators for MT4

by: Eddie_83
Hi MrTools Those little dots at the tip of histogram are indeed really helpful. Is it possible to feature it in this WAE indi please? Thank you very much. Hello I have modified the code to highlight the buy and sell signals under the conditions provided earlier, I couldn't show dots so I showed thi...

Re: Volatility Indicators for MT4

by: mrtools
Hi, would it be possible to give Fast Ema and Ravi Fisher the volatility adjusted average (VMA) function? In the same fashion as the volatility adjusted MACD I've posted. Ravi Fisher also need the option to change between the different prices. Appreciate it! This is the volatility adjusted fast ema.

No Nonsense Forex - Indicators

by: Centaur
For any good NNFX indicators, please use this Feed. Even if you don't code, any ideas or backtest results on indicators are welcome. Whereas far as possible, I will recode all indicators into MT5. As a noob , I see I've left a remark on someone else's topic LOL... Here is a repost of my first contri...