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Re: ADX DMI Indicators for MT4

by: mladen
Upgraded version of ADXm ... ___________________________________ What has bee actually done : - minor change is that all the new prices have been added - issues when the indicators is stored in some sub-folder of indicators folder is solved (that affects multi time frame mode of operating) - major c...

Re: Volume Indicators for MT4

by: mladen
talaate wrote:
Thu Jul 06, 2017 1:43 am
Dear mrtools
My regards
would you please add Ma smooth method and if possible price then it would be perfect if you add arrows on buy/sell signal changing with arrow on first bar option.
Buy Sell volume 2 mtf & alerts.mq4
Talaat E

Did you try the "averages" version?

Re: Volume Indicators for MT4

by: Jimmy
Hawkeye Volume by Nigel Hawks is a renowned and premium VSA tool used and recommended by many traders. More info here and video here . EURUSDH1.png Hi, Please help me to check why it does not work on MT4 B1090. Rgds, My mistake! I forgot to include the DLL file. Please see original post. Could you ...

Re: Volume Indicators for MT4

by: Jimmy
mades wrote:
Sun Oct 15, 2017 6:44 am
mntiwana wrote:
Sun Oct 15, 2017 6:07 am

There are so much and of many sorts Volume indicators,hard to know which one suits you
i have quite a few but none of them mtf
Hey Mades,

Here's a Volume indicator that's MTF. Unfortunately it's rather basic without coloring options at the moment.


Re: Volume Indicators for MT4

by: FxVolumes
I want to share with you my volume indicator. - Bull/bear color normal -Bull/bear color only when current is higher than previous -Fake auto scale when zooming by doubling the bars. (possibility to ad a moving average on it). FxVolumes_Volumes_Highlight.ex4 FxVolumes_Volumes_Highlight.mq4 ------- Th...