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ADX_Smoothed Min

by: ionone
I just listened to a BST podcast, and the interviewed talked about an ADX that plots the min value of ADX from N bars ago instead of the actual value and he said it was one of the best to determine early reversals. Not too sure about it, but I programmed it, from a smoothed ADX by Ehlers (only the m...

Re: Zig-Zag Indicator MT4

by: Ogee
Dear, mr Banzai how to turn on MTF ? Mr Banzai is on extended leave. Not sure why called MTF as zig zag is dependant on chart structure rather than time frame. Might be due to the adjustable Barn and Length inputs. Barn pertains to the number of bars that the indicator is capable of analysing for t...

Re: Volume Indicators for MT4

by: mrtools
Hi Mr Tools, I found this volume indicator based on the Heiken Ashi formula. It's similar to the WAE, but simpler. I wanted to know if alerts can be added once a bar crosses the MA and color change. Thank you and have a great weekend!!!!! It's not really based on volume, it's just using the mt4 bui...

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

by: Ogee
Hello Mr Tools hope you have fun, this is a not repaint TMA version right? The TMA centre line looks too smooth which suggests it recalculates, which is exactly why it was made to recalculate, it's a smoothing function. ...

Re: Adaptive Indicators for MT4

by: Deez
Hi Deez, thanks for posting your chart... looks very cool :thumbup: I'm using the t3 trix in a combination with the 200ma... if its below the 200ma i'm only looking for sells vice verca... what are the purple and aqua lines on your mainchart?? seems like good sup/res-zones.. would you mind sharing ...