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Re: RSI Heatmap

by: 太虚一毫
Good thread! From our TSD archives this is the RSI heatmap from Mladen's creative and neat range of on-chart heatmaps. I particularly like this RSI heatmap as it gives you unlimited positioning options like the ability to display it in the indicator subwindow etc. Will post more reliable heatmap st...

Re: Aroon Indicators for MT4

by: 太虚一毫
This is Aroon oscilator of averages with a choice of average also for smoothing purposes. I think the AroonOscillatortrend_x10, multiAroonOscillatorTrend_x10 group of indicators in the MT5 code base is the most accurate of the 30 groups (60 indicators) of its kind, followed by the RSI group, but th...