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Feel like the Forex itself is a Scam...

by: jng640
is anybody feel likes me? It's looks like forex market is a place for bank to took our money off from our pocket... It's not the first time after the news event came out but the price go opposite from the result. Like today's AUD Retail Sales is probably negative result, but in the end the AUD becom...

Re: Market is dead?

by: jng640
No - market is not dead. Your entry is sitting in a range that's all. Yes I think so. I mean current forex market volatility is totally different with the past few the $EVZ index also shown low volatility right now OMG.. *$EVZ index = Forex market volitility index.

Re: Forex indicator video

by: jng640
yes MAYBE. I think he is doing that to sell his indicators while people wait... and will never share it ultimately but maybe I 'm wrong. also the charts he shows seems a bit cherry picked. i'd like to see performance on multiple pairs Agreed. I also like to see the zoom out chart, so we can see the...