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Re: VPS For Trading

by: blonde
Bertii32 wrote:
Sat Apr 25, 2020 4:53 am
What are the best VPS for trading?
- Price
- Virtualization technology
- Unlimited MT4 Platform
- Latency
- Security
- Guaranteed Uptime
- ...
Using Amazon cloud servers for several years for binary options robots trade, no complaints.

Re: Identify This Indicator

by: blonde
Томск :) спасибо огромное теперь осталось найти 1 . Alexander MA [ALXMA]. Yes, there is such a indicator. I have not seen it in a pure (separate) form. Mladen uses it as an option in indicators, so you can make an indicator on it, disconnecting everything else from the indicator kit. Да,есть такая ...

Re: Waddah Attar Indicators for MT4

by: blonde
Hello I have modified the code to highlight the buy and sell signals under the conditions provided earlier, I couldn't show dots so I showed thick histogram instead !! LOL fdsfa.JPG note that I am not a pro coder I just started learning mql4 a week ago, I just messed with the code and managed to sh...