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Re: Ichimoku Indicators for MT4

by: Jimmy
Ichimoku Averages indicator set by vvFish, CSJ and Andrei Putting all of these indicators into one post as they are too good to be missed. A nice group effort by the boys, thank you for the great codes :) This post contains: Ichimoku (Moving) Averages Ichimoku Averages CCI Ichimoku Averages RSI Ich...

Re: Ichimoku Indicators for MT4

by: Banzai
K i j u n - S e n r i b b o n f i l l e d According to this ebook by Akira Takahashi which cost $US0.99 on Amazon: Ichimoku Thunder and Lightning Clouds was a concept of trading built by floor traders in Tokyo to teach new traders how...

Re: Moving Average indicators for MT4

by: Woodyz
It's by Mladen - so there really shouldn't be any glitches - but then again... no links allowed, so: look for the other forex site, not like a station but more like a factory; and this is the thread: "Experiments - while waiting for an order to get closed" /thread/post/13754420#post13754420 Thanks....

Re: Indicators with ON/OFF buttons

by: kvak
HI, Would it be possible to update this indicator with a Show/ Hide button with x/y co-ordinates so I can place 2 indicators on the screen with the buttons side by side. Hi. It is good, but very old indicator. When I added button, have bug in mtf mode. But never mind, I created a new one . Have dro...

Re: Dashboard Type Indicators for MT4

by: Darks
support & resistance: simply put: price rejection (so it would have to be based on historical data - i. e. price was rejected at this area (for example: 3 times) yesterday, last week, last month) supply & demand: simply put: price rejection followed by a strong reaction (i. e. candle) (so it would ...

Re: Dashboard Type Indicators for MT4

by: sal
Thanks! 1st feedback: I take it, it is a work in progress. Some signals are very good and helpful (screenshot 1) Some are pretty nonsensical (screenshot 2) I'd change the colouring (paler) to make the signals more part of the background (to help with trading but avoid making it impossible) https://...