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Re: Ichimoku Indicators for MT4

by: mrtools
Added a show levels option and now can change the level style and color in the indicator's parameters. mrtools, I'd like to get rid of the Kumo colour fill (<1) or at least change the colour to the background. Both doesn't work. Sorry about the hassle, this version should be working better, also wi...

Re: Volume Indicators for MT4

by: Darks
Published an indicator on code base and also sharing it here. Description : Clarity index is a purely volume based indicator which is constructed on basis of volume, range and positive/negative candle count. It reflects the strength of trend with respect to volume. Usage : You can use the zero line ...

Re: Stochastic indicators for MT4

by: mrtools
Dear Mr. Tool sorry to bother you is it possible to add a histogram to this indi like the attached image. thank you Try this version, need to do more studying on how to do the histogram version, know it has been done just can't find the code for reference. PS: If you would like to download a templa...

Re: Trading Pullbacks System

by: Meyney
If I may ask - what are your inputs for the RSIMA? PS: you sometimes use weird trendlines (i. e. ones which do not reflect the Pb-extremes). I just loaded this indi with default setting as example, a few others are possible for example Stochastics to show OB/OS areas. Weird trendlines? Let me check...

Re: MACD indicators for MT4

by: mladen
Instead of limiting the number of calculated bars, change line 287 from this : return(0); to this return(rates_total); Right now with default settings, the indicator will calculate 4000 bars on each tick and I doubt that it will beat the 1 calculated bar on a new tick when that line is changed Also...