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Re: Stochastic indicators for MT4

by: Jimmy
This is my all time favorite Stochastic Divergence indicator from Forex-TSD. I use to use this indicator in conjunction with the Traders Dynamic Index to trade Big E's "Trading Made Simple" back in the old days and what I like about it is the simplicity and the thickness of the Divergence lines (my ...

Re: Moving Average indicators for MT4

by: Darks
Updated the ma experiment indicator to use alerts, signal line filter & adaptive filter. Pretty good signals with your settings, I must say. The colour doesn't always seem to change immediately on slope direction change (is filtering the reason?) What's with the Fibonacci numbers (13,21)? Any real ...

Re: Waddah Attar Indicators for MT4

by: Csj179t
I was confused with buffers... I edited Waddah MACD so it be in style with Stoch that i posted earlier, and post it here once again with short name. Waddah MACD and Waddah STOCH Look at my screenshot, please. If you add levels (20, 50, 80) there seems to be a problem at level 80 - different line/no...

Re: RSI Indicators for MT4

by: Jimmy
Mr Tools, Could an on screen divergence signal/arrow be added to this indicator? ONLY when the levels of 20 and 80 have been reached. This is important as these reflect the bigger moves. Thanks TEAMTRADER This is a really cool idea, I...