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Re: Indicators with ON/OFF buttons

by: Lumios
Hey Banzai, I figured out why the buttons were replacing each other, visibility ID had to be unique. I've updated most of the indis to fix the issue. You are teaching me sir!! Try to help you out!! Capture.PNG ###day_separator_2_2 button 1.01.mq4 ###week_separator_2_2 button 1.01.mq4 @@@Auto Pivot2 ...

Re: Adaptive Indicators for MT4

by: mrtools
could we have a simple Adaptive Trix ? With simple SMMA like in this indicator (poorly written) i think Trix has potential, it just needs a little bit of adaptability and will be world class thanks Jeff This is a rough version of phase accumulation Trix using the phase accumulation as a look back i...

Re: 4 Time Frame and All TFs Indicators

by: Jimmy
We still have a problem. Not at all! Why? - as stated in the post and by Jimmy and MrTools many times - this isn't really "repainting" but simply the fact that an H4 candle will close after 4 hours Thanks Josi for explaining! Yes, it can be a bit of a headache at first but as Josi has noted, the hi...