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Re: RSI Indicators for MT4

by: josi
let us add stoch also, again not really sure if it is correct. thanks! interesting - a weekend of experiments & comparisons (From my point of view the signals would be much better, if they were triggered after candle close above/below MA, i. e. mid-line. It is - I think - a very old misconception t...

Re: ADR Indicators for MT4

by: josi
Banzai wrote:
Mon Apr 11, 2022 1:45 pm
I modified "ADR.mq4" to display Fibo lines.
Banzai, where have you been all this time?
People worried about you.
a) good to have you back
b) hope you are well
And now for something completely different:
don't you think this one asks for a button?


by: josi
And now it's stuck in a sideways consolidation. It too narrow for me to trade that. I don't know which timeframe you trade but: If you use a daily open line I think there were a few trades to be had (M15, H1): As lonig as price is below daily open look for sells. As lonig as price is above daily op...


by: josi
If broke 1,08100 possible to 1,07100 and 1,06100 but it's must test 1st 1,09100 ? this is pure speculation (therefore senseless): Best to see what price will do and then act accordingly (look for an entry). Having said that: if it does go down (despite resistance and divergence), it may test 1st: 1...