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Re: Taixu Yihao MT4 trading system (Open)

by: josi
Today, since the opening of the European market, EURUSD has been volatile and chaotic.... panic No panic anywhere in sight. Price tested a low - moved upward into resistance - retested the low - moved upward to break resistance. Nothing to it, really - if you were a buyer you could venture to buy a...

Re: Mr. Tools obsolete?

by: josi
:D ........RoboCoders, RoboEngineers, RoboScientists, RoboTeachers, Robosoldiers, RoboDoctors, RoboSecretaries, RoboCleaners, RoboConstructionWorkers, RoboCooks, RoboWife, name it. As one IT engineer told me...."The end of mankind will not be caused by nuclear wars but AI.....Progra...