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Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

by: kam44
Hello Kam44 Would you please share with me how would you read/use Jurik volty bands with the MA? Hi, I'm still learning the nuances of the indicator myself. But the addition of an MA to the Jurik Bands lets me replace the 14 period RSI with an MA. On a 4H chart when the Jurik Bands cross the zero l...

Re: Forex Station Welcome Notice Board

by: Jimmy
Hello Everyone I am Simon, new here though been in forex for a few years now. I have primarily been a BBMA trader. Anyone interested let me know...... I tried everything from complicated price action strats to indis....I love indis and testing but BBMA still clearest to me. Thanks for creating such...

Re: MT4 Indicators with alerts/signals

by: Amunra5
Hi Mr.Tools, Mladen and Coders respectively, I downloaded this indicator and it is great!! If possible, I would like an alert (mainly push notifications) added when the 2 lines cross. \ Thank you in advance for your coding skills!!!!! mrtools, alert sound on touch of two lines. or fix the sound. it...