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Re: Stochastic indicator(s)

by: mntiwana
Step stochastic ps - mtf - alerts 3 MLADEN : The version includes 22 prices - 37 Averages - used for price pre smoothing,it is not exactly the same as the mt5 version - if not for else,this version have 33 types of Averages more :) - but they are 99% the same,so now it can be Experimented with using...

Re: Heiken Ashi Type Indicators

by: li yu cen
No the ha candle body adjusts to the zoom levels, the candle wick i left it at width = 1. Would need to see the code of the mt5 heiken ashi to see what was done with it. Please find enclosed the code for the MT5 heiken ashi indicator Do you need this? EURJPYH1.png Heiken_Ashi_AutoWidth.mq4 Heiken_A...

Partizan System Files Set

by: moey_dw
Friends & habibs this is all the Partizan files Mr. Amdudus has been sending to those on mailing list. I post it here now because he is not here anymore so it is only fair that it is widely shared in case past members of his mailing list still need the materials..................... I have no idea w...