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Re: Pumba´s - Swing Trading System

by: Knight
Its not about me, its about other Peoples Time - If someone here is successful with it then start a Journey - Turn 100$ into 10.000$ ! Just to prove to you that it works?. The author of this thread already showed a proof of passing a prop firm with this system in the beginning of the thread. Why wo...

Re: Dashboard Type Indicators for MT4

by: Knight
I did as well, with the same indicator. However, the problem is that indicator is giving you the current Heikin Ashi (HA) candle, not the previous one. So if you make a trade decision based on the current candle, it could change by the end of the TF and you will regret your decision. HA gives you t...

Re: Sword System

by: Knight
Amazing thread. I have built an okay trading system, trying to trade the H1 timeframe, pullbacks in a trend, but can't seem to find an indicator that would be really early and at the same time non-repaint so I can get in as close to the swing point or end of a pullback as much as possible so I can g...