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Re: Squeezed EMA of Stochastic

by: ionone
Here is another one of my favorites from the TSD days: This is the Squeezed EMA of Stochastic by Mladen. It comes with Multi-timeframe + Interpolation and Alerts. There are also other high quality Squeezed EMA indicators in our Moving Averages thread (posted by Moderator Mntiwana) including Squeeze...

Re: Moving Average indicators for MT4

by: ionone
One of my personal favorites was the FRAMA Ribbon coded by Mladen for MT4 which comes with (newer drop down box) Multi-timeframe mode + Interpolation & Alerts :) I've searched high and wide for this one on our forum but had no luck (unless it's named differently somewhere) so I'll post it here. The...

Re: Step Indicators for MT4

by: ionone
This is a step kaufman filtered, the color change is based on slope change. Shit, that is pin-point accurate. What an indicator :o yes but be careful that renko bars are based on candles, not price action. a candle might be bullish, s...

Re: What is Interpolation MTF in MT4?

by: ionone
thx mladen and jimmy boy....... now i know what these mean i just use to think it was something in video games :think: also know that there are many types of interpolation. the linear one is just to draw a line between two points, and pick the middle of it (if you want to double resolution) but, in...

Re: Ehlers Indicators for MT4

by: ionone
i don't think it has been posted yet and it's quite good actually

i aded a "period" parameter that was not included in the original (you simply could not modify period). If you want the original code, put period to '1'
screenshot.04-06-2019 12.50.48.jpg
Ehlers Optimal Tracking Filter.mq4