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Re: Trend Indicators

by: Skyold
Hello mntiwana hello mr. tool, I have an idea and I need your help for this fascinating indicator. LevelStop-Reverse-averages mtf.ex4 Can you please create the following if it is feasible? With the same options (36 averages, interpolated mtf, ......) show on another window (subwindow) as background...

Re: Thanks Forex-Station

by: Skyold
In 2016, I made the first acquaintance with Forex. Then began the search for the holy Grahl. Days and months passed and sleepless nights were part of it. By the end of 2017 I came across the site of Forex Station by chance. Here I have read many threads and looked at the questions and answers. Every...

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

by: Skyold
Hello mladen, mrtools, mntiwana and other coders, Is there a possibility and or can you use these indicators to create a dynamic zone indicator? The most important data are WPR (blue line) and RSI (magenta line). If to the 2 indis still the calculation and the formulas of the data of OBV are added, ...