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by: mrtools
Stochjastic of T3 with separate window arrows and alerts on stoch/signal cross.   I am embarrassed to ask but is the indicator mentioned in this post still valid or are there some improvements afterwards. I understand the post is a year old. This version updated with floating levels and different c...

Re: MACD indicators for MT4

by: mrtools
Dear Mr Tools/Pacois Would you kindly add close/open/high/low/weighted and possible extreme price option to the following indicator. Would be very grateful. Regards Naughty 77 Added the price options, and hope you don't mind added 2 color histogram with mtf. Also have 9 choices of average to choose...

Re: Stochastic indicator(s)

by: mrtools
This is a stochastic of regular demarker final smoothed with jurik, coloring is on signal cross. The regular demarker ma method options are Simple moving,Exponential,Smoothed MA,Linear weighted MA,Smoothed LWMA,Double Smoothed Exponential average,Triple exponential moving average - TEMA,Linear regre...

Re: Coding Help

by: mrtools
alpha24 wrote:
Thu Apr 12, 2018 3:42 am
Dear Mrtools ,
I tried to add NLMA in this code there is no error but can not displayed on chart.
Please correct it. if there is already awesome oscillator with all averages and prices
please give me link.(searched everywhere but can't get)
Added all the averages.