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Re: WPR Indicators for MT4

by: Jimmy
Dear mrtools Topic cleaned. Way too many bullshit requests with no proper explanation or reasons to why the "modification" should be fulfilled. As a reminder, if you're a new member or not a regular and you haven't contributed in other topics except asking for freebies and upgrades we'll be removin...

Re: RSI Indicators for MT4

by: mrtools
Hi mrtools would you please add alerts for the given indicator when: 1) the two signal cross each other up or down 2) when RSI 50 cross up or down (i.e. histo bar shows blue or red) and if possible the set of averages In case the original is missed, I sent it in PM box as this is forex station stuf...

ALMA guppy/rainbow

by: Banzai
The reason - Alma most of the time stays close to price line in both sides (upper/lower) comparing to mostly other MAs and it do not shoot fast neither lazy like me :) Here is Mladen's version. alma_nrp.mq4 (4.27 KiB) Downloaded 1024 times A L M A r a i n b o w -------------------------------------...