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Re: MT4 Multi Time Frame (MTF) Indicators

by: RplusT
With the new start here I'd like to make the suggestion to add "Automatic next time frame" to the enum TF menu for every MTF indicator. I post that because I assume that other members would like that too.  The logic is, when using MTF  I want it to show the next higher TF automatically for every cur...

Re: MT4 Indicators with alerts/signals

by: RplusT
Hi RplusT Long ago MRTOOLS declare it to "Ruckser" one of our old friend that it is renamed copy of "RSX nrp" version indicator the renamer hide the original code but then smart players decompiled it :) here is the ex4 of it for your satisfaction,i am not going to post the decompiled mq4 file,we ha...

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

by: RplusT
I'll do you one better..mines comes with an alert.... :lol: and also freeeeeeeeeeeeee New comers should go through this forum..there's alot of indicators that is the same if not better than most paid indicators on the net...and it's free Do some research..the grail is not gonna fall into your hands...