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Forex Station Welcome Notice Board

by: mntiwana
Forex Station Welcome Notice Board Hello fellow members Congratulations,to MLADEN including all of you. My deep greetings and warm welcoming you all towards a new destination. at last we gathered once again as it was expected,then my optimistic and strong believe towards our future successes in all...

Solar Wind "Joke" Indicators

by: mntiwana
Solar Wind "Joke" Indicators Solar Wind.... The biggest technical indicator joke of the 21st century. It was first created in error then published (as a prank) to lure scammers and indicator re-namers into copying and selling it and m...

Re: Moving Average indicators for MT4

by: mntiwana
This is the newest version of averages   For those that want to use if from custom calls, here is the enum for prices, averages types and time frames enum enPrices { pr_close, // Close pr_open, // Open pr_high, // High pr_low, // Low pr_median, // Median pr_typical, // Typical pr_weighted, // Weigh...

Re: MACD indicators for MT4

by: mntiwana
Can you post the template of that picture, please? Does these settings fit to all tf/pairs? There are also good indicators, which are not from mladen. I did not recommend the posted system. Fortunately there was template so template and indicator attached and you don't needs to say plz in new forum...