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How good is static Support/Resistance?

by: Krelian99
Similar to trendlines, Support and Resistance is a widely used kind of analysing the chart in the western world. The S/R can be either a High or a Low in the history, but not all are relevant. The market stops at these levels and either bounces back or breaks through. After a break through a Support...

How good is Dynamic S/R?

by: Krelian99
Moving averages can be used in different manners. As slope, as crossing signal with another MA and/or as dynamic S/R. The latter may be much less known, but as static S/R it is a pretty powerful PA analysis tool as well. It's a indicator, that's the good news - we don't need to draw them manually. B...


by: Krelian99
I don't trade DAX, but if it helps, it is very correlative to the CAC. Use it as confirmation and cross divergences. Not only in the newsletter of from the beginning of the week they wrote that the DAX most likely is to fall. The CAC was at a strong support line and made double bottom ...