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Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

by: Krelian99
Interesting to see it also in numbers: the mass keeps silently in the background and loves trend-indicators and indis with arrows. Germany at both sites in Top5, I really doubt that. Germans don't like trading and when then only hodling stocks or maybe ETFs and DAX Futures, but no FX. I miss India i...

Re: Combining indicators as a pro

by: Krelian99
I would like to get your and others view on these things as there are not many complete systems here, which gives us a new look on charts. It's not enough to produce many indicators without helping how to combine them. Change your POV. You want to eat something, so go into the kitchen. You find a l...

Apps and other helping tools

by: Krelian99
Currency Heatwave This is a little but helpful app for your smartphone that shows the currency strength and some other indications. It has alarm and also some news. Fancy and helpful - it's no contradiction ;) Currency Heatwave 1.png

Re: Identify This Indicator

by: Krelian99
Tobi You knows whoever explained the strategy must illustrate with full picture,maximum he can did rename the used stuff and this what this member looking for - two things i really dislike,when pregnant lady hide things from gynecologist doctor and poor/rude attitude with any person That's the poin...