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Re: Your opinion about MT5

by: Krelian99
Why aren't you so active here any more, mladen. Aren't you one of the chefs and founders of forex-station? Last mt4 version 1090 was published 2 years ago and all bug reports after that were ignored. Now no new mt4 servers can be bought by the brokers any more. Does anybody know more, if metaquotes...

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

by: Krelian99
Hello, is there any indicator which allows me to divide price of one symbol to price of another symbol to have relative strength of the symbol, for example divide apple price to S&P 500 ,an stochastic calculation of relative strength would be great like Chaikin analytics platform, thanks in advance...

Re: MT4 data feed

by: Krelian99
Hello, Before I was getting my real time data stream from a real time stream serverfrom Ava Meta Trader. But they blacklisted thousands of people. Does anyone know another server where you can get free stream. Thanks with login and pass ? Where do you get your stream from ?ps I usually trade s&p500...

Re: Kalman Filter- New Idea

by: Krelian99
Dear All, should be possible to develop an indicator as per the attached paper? It's a new approach to the Kalman filter and could be useful for developing a new set of indicators. Thanks in advance, Andrea Normally, an indicator follows the price. The input x_t of the system is price and the outpu...