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Most of us are likely familiar with the concept of a change in polarity, but here's another idea that deserves significant attention. Dynamic points in the market serve as strategic signposts where you can anticipate and seize opportunities when the market's behavior is on the verge of experiencing an influx or outflow of capital, subsequently influencing future movements or structural changes. While predicting the exact amount of capital entering or exiting remains a challenge, in reality, it's quite impossible. Nevertheless, these points provide a reasonable level of foresight regarding when these shifts might occur. Understanding the price and timing of a financial instrument's dynamic points is undeniably essential for successful trading. Now, envision the possibilities if you could analyze charts from what I like to call 'the inside' of a chart. This example vividly illustrates the importance of dynamic points, predictive shifts, and the value of analyzing charts from 'the inside'. More to come ...

Re: Sizabici's Commercial Signals (Telegram group) offer

Amazon - 3 reasons to expect fresh highs

Amazon has faced a challenging 2022, but the company's shares have shown resilience in 2023, rallying 80% by mid-September and coming close to their 2021 all-time high. Despite a subsequent 20% drop in September, a positive turn of events, highlighted by strong Q3 earnings, provides three compelling reasons to anticipate a return to fresh highs.

Strong Headline Beats:
Amazon exceeded expectations in key fundamental metrics, with earnings per share surpassing the consensus by an impressive 56%. Quarter-over-quarter revenue also saw a 12% increase, signaling a robust performance, especially given recent concerns about Amazon's market confidence. These positive results set the stage for a potential rally, and with the crucial holiday season approaching, the company seems poised for another record-breaking quarter.

Robust Metrics and Growth:
Beyond headline numbers, Amazon's operating income, particularly in North America, continued its six-quarter upward trend. The AWS business, a crucial driver for long-term growth, also performed well, with indications that recent growth deceleration has stabilized. The company's focus on generative AI innovation is making AWS an attractive cloud computing platform. Additionally, the Advertising unit displayed strong revenue growth, alleviating concerns and supporting forward guidance.

Attractive Technical Setup:
Despite a recent sell-off and a break in the 2023 uptrend, Amazon's stock displays an appealing technical setup. The rally since January has formed a pattern of higher highs and higher lows, suggesting a robust foundation for upward movement. Higher lows indicate consistent buyer interest during market dips, while higher highs reinforce an improving outlook. The stock's Relative Strength Index (RSI) of 48 and a potential bullish turn in the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) suggest that Amazon shares may still be undervalued.

In conclusion, the confluence of strong fundamentals, positive growth metrics, and a technically sound setup paints a favorable picture for Amazon's future performance. While market dynamics can change, the current indicators suggest the potential for a rebound and a move beyond the September high. Investors should remain vigilant, but the recent positive developments provide optimism for the stock's trajectory.

Note: The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily reflective perspectives.

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