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Re: Identify This Indicator

[quote there will always be false signals against the trend on any indicators. didn't you know about it? [/quote] ))) I'm showing you what he draws ... what has the false signals to do with it. Just their absence immediately gave out your grail. there would be false signals if he left these arrows o...

Re: Identify This Indicator

if you weren't biased, you would look more closely at these signals. she is at zero bar Countryman, I have not believed in fairy tales for a long time. he draws arrows, and then on reboot removes bad ones ... 10 minutes on bitcoin and everything is clear with him. Be smarter, don't be like Vasya. G...

Re: Kazakhstan

I find it interesting that Russia and Tajikistan are sending in peace keepers. Which makes me have questions. [*]Kazakistan has no security forces themselves? [*]Russia is trying to take over? [*]The cabal are trying to take over to gain access to nuclear material? [*]Lame media are saying it's abo...

Re: Gann Indicators

Isn't efficiency determined by time? you write "beautiful"...if you add up all the signals in this screenshot, you get a minus. Can't you see it?
In no case do I want to say that the indicator is bad ... You just need to reinforce your words and argue with something.

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