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Re: MT5 Volume indicators

I was able to get everything uploaded into my MT5 and working great. MT5 requires each indicator to have the "MQL5 Program" and the "MQL5 Source File" and for some odd reason I only had the Source File but now have the Program file so it is working correctly. Thanks for this indicator!

Re: MT5 Volume indicators

Do you have more information about the indicator? The RVOL indicator is of course a volume indicator but the current candle is always an average of a series of previous candles. How is the current volume relative to previous volumes? For example, I use RVOL with a setting of 6 which means the indic...

Re: Requests & Ideas (MT5)

Is there where I should place a request for a new indicator in MT5? I am looking for RVOL , which is Relative Volume that compares the volume of the current candle to an average period of candles determined by the user. On TradingView I have one RVOL set to average the previous six candles to see th...

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