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Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

why error? int start() { int i,j,k,counted_bars=IndicatorCounted(); if(counted_bars<0) return(-1); if(counted_bars>0) counted_bars--; int limit=MathMax(MathMin(Bars-counted_bars,Bars-1),2*TMAHalfCycle); // // // // // for (i=limit; i>=0; i--) { double sum = (TMAHalfCycle+1)*iMA(NULL,0,1,0,MODE_SMA,...

Re: Breakout

Again, corrections in the signal. There is an uncomfortable situation. The transition through 50 often occurs on the first ticks of the bar. It honks once on one bar. If you need more signals, you need to restart* it (click OK).

Re: News

My private opinion.
We all know how difficult it is to raise one person. What to do with 8 billion? It's easier to give a belt on the ass. Once the mentally ill were given holes in the head, now they are happy pills, progress is obvious.

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

Is there tutorial to how? Or can you guide This function is not universal. It needs to be modified for a specific indicator. And even different strategies. Somewhere the exact peak is important, somewhere it can be neglected. The ideal "eco" function should be made for a specific customer. Yes, of ...

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