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Re: Versatile Super Trend

you are welcome pro. , for tdi i will look if any i will post .. my dream to reach to collection of indicators i can put it on chart and keep it as template for easy and relax trade stay green Hey bro, I know this is kinda unrelated to the topic, but I was wondering if trading Forex is illegal in t...

Re: Got a good system with one of mr tools indicators but just need and alert for it!

The guy disappeared, didn't he? He started in a 1000USD demo account. After a couple of trades, he was already trading with 1 STD Lot size... without any SL he said. Even with a 10 PIP SL, he's risking 10 percent of his equity on a single trade, and I noticed he had many trades opened at the same ti...

Re: Bollinger Band type indicators for MT4

mrtools wrote:
Thu Dec 10, 2020 5:37 am
Deez wrote:
Wed Dec 09, 2020 5:00 pm
Hi MrTools, could you please have a look at this indi when you have time - there's a painting problem.
Found the bars were probably repainting, try this one. The projection part will repaint sometimes.
Are the bars still repainting on candle close?

Re: CAN WE ACTUALLY Making Money in Forex????????

When you said " I've been receiving 500 - 1000 pips weekly using this concept. " Did you mean results from backtesting or results from Live trading? I've been testing demo. I've actually switched indicators. I've scaled down a bit. I use the cumulative volume (CV) to confirm entries (the one here h...

Re: CAN WE ACTUALLY Making Money in Forex????????

Hi Everyone, I started this post and would like to say I have found a way to make constant profits every week. I'm sharing this because I promised to and for anyone in the future struggling will find their way. This is for the 4H chart, but the same concept can be used for smaller timeframes. Howev...

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