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Re: Trading Pullbacks System

If we stick to gy and eu 1M only today was not easy. Few nice setups and some failed as I can see in hindsight. I will post charts later. My wife is working in Healthcare, was not ok (sick) last days and was tested positive yesterday on Covid19. Had to arrange quite some issues. best M All the best...

Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

You have experience with this indicator. Does this indicator repaint? Are the pink and blue rectangles unchanged after the signal? Наблюдаю за ним. Но Пока перерисовки не поймал. Сейчас его комбинирую с другим. Для тебя. С наступающим Новым годом брат. And the adaptable indi Roman....does it repaint?

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

Hi Mladen / MrTools Could u please modify this so it shows buffers in the code. I use these buffers in EA Builder to compile a indicator like if(iCustom(NULL, PERIOD_CURRENT, "!!!-MT4 X-XARDg-HMA-1", 35, MODE_LWMA, PRICE_CLOSE, 0, i) != 0 && iCustom(NULL, PERIOD_CURRENT, "!!!-MT4 X-XARDg-HMA-1", 35,...

Re: Double Heading+Zigzag swing trading binary & forex ideas

Hi please post your ideas ... Double zigzag settings here posted. S1 -- R zone is trades Hi. I was trying a similar approach some time back but because of repainting gave it up. What time frame do you use and what are your sema settings? I was use the Xaard trend sema settings on a 15 minute time f...

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