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Re: Stochastic indicators for MT4

Added the averages,prices, and optimized it a bit. looks like too much noise ? btw, somebody have dynamic double zone wpr 2.01 with mtf ? Adjust the KDJ indicator smoothing to a lower value and experiment with the Average filters. You have over 40 of them to tweak. For DDZ WPR search the forum usin...


macd & rsi wrote:
Wed Jun 02, 2021 4:59 pm
at daily and weekly T.F price shows a rather acceptable divergence , and at H4 T.F , system shows sell signal ,, wait for bbsqueeze gwttin red , then
Wishing you lots of profit from your trades this week brother :)

Re: Trading Pullbacks System

PS forgot to say: this new project is the same idea as the strategy posted here. If finished this thread hopefully will be taken to the next level with more examples, moneymanagement etc. Try to be positive and please do not attack me for taking a (short) break Ok sorry, just took it the wrong way ...

Re: Trading Pullbacks System

Dear friends, I think I have posted enough examples/charts to help. Last examples made at request, but zero replies. Lot's of examples here . Therefore time to say goodbye for now because I will be very busy trading coming months. Please share charts here if you want (I will not comment for the tim...

Re: Facebook to punish friends who peddle fake news

Sometimes I think society will pull itself out of the hole its in..but then I realize(nevermind the government - whether you are left or right) there's people on TikTok that's allowed to vote :Rofl: :sweat: :stressed: :cry: God I hate TikTok. Especially kids who dance on it with adults. Some strang...

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