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Re: Fibonacci, Trendlines, Support Resistance & Pivot Point Indicators MT4

Good day House, Can someone help me fix this indicator as it only displays for USTECm and US30m but When I load another chart such as GbpUsd, Gold, all currencies. it doesn't display for them. Please see attachment MT4_GoodTrade_5_ALL_TF.ex4 Hi man, you should attach your pictures directly to your ...


httxxs:// read and cry more. Read what? It's all in jibberish mate. How about engage a bit and explain your beliefs? Or is that a bit too hard? :lol: As Fast Eddie Love from East L.A says "You can't win an argument wi...


Ogee wrote:
Thu Aug 05, 2021 4:45 am
Useful teaching example of kindergarten level trolling. So this clown has quoted an article I posted, a comprehensive article backed up with over 20 references.
Some people can't be helped bro.

Re: HowToFxMarkets - Forex education Deals. Low spread Broker. Guide-o-FX.

Hi, Please, sure do, let me know what you think? Sincerely, Sergei Hey Csj, nice links so far! The first page I'm not sure what it is but there's lots of ads. Is this an affilliate marketing site? Sort of looks a bit "busy". I see potential in a cool Forex portal typ...

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