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Re: Reading charts like Tesla?

VSA is a bad way to use Volume, the worst I saw so far. "No supply", that's cute, that worked in the 70ies, today the market has changed a bit. You are free to think whatever you want and you should take a look at that PDF. "Now a full-time currency trader, Rayment earned first place in the 2009 Wo...

Re: Reading charts like Tesla?

Stochastic shows same thing than ZigZag, so maybe better to use that because we can see history, we cannot see history in ZigZag. As we want to see Vibration in M15, I think we should have Stoch setting 15-1-1 Close/Close, and because we are only looking buy signals, because we are above that Low En...

Re: Does this indicator repaint?

Yes It will not repaint if you choose Casual =True. Thanks for your help, Can i ask you last question? In what conssist the repaint? the dots can desapear in current candle? in the history? My interest is when candle close. There is a option to show in first candle, maybe safer to have that False.

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