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Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

Dynamic Cycle Explorer Dear mrtools, this I believe is one of the old indicators and internally uses tma for calculation. having played with it for a few days, I believe if we can get the period right, it has great potentials. Can you please give a fresh makeover for this indicator if it makes sens...

Re: Coding Help

what ever name given to this it is most probably alike "fast tma line" - and is repainting one just some common thoughts on TMA; The fact that everything that "recalculates" is bad is not correct. The most common mistake that users make is, generally they look at every indicator from the "signallin...

Re: Coding Help

vvFish wrote:
Sun Sep 16, 2018 3:49 pm
Dear coders please make sure that the second part in the fall is displayed only by another color (for example, blue), you do not need to change the settings.
it's from the Extreme TMA System, but unfortunately its a decompiled code.

will be nice if we can get the original code

Re: Does this indicator repaint? Thanks for your reply but this version dont show channel and dont show arrows. The channels and the arrows option are there. Also, this code is a little different from the other version. So, we have to wait for mrtools to look at it, ...

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