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Re: The Russian Central Bank obliterates the Russian broker industry before the holidays

There seem to be some problems with Alpari, even in its non-Russian branches, because the company announced that it will not be able to process payments with VISA cards in US dollars and Euro until March due to technical issues. Geeze that's pretty inconvenient and sounds a bit dodgy too. Hmm :? I ...

Re: Traders joking ...

SilverBB wrote:
Mon Jan 21, 2019 10:07 pm
What a beautiful day for popping down to the Town Hall and chucking a bucket of whitewash over the pigeons and saying, " There you are - How do you like it?..."
Hahahah, I totally understand the sentiment. :D

Re: Why traders should not use mobile MT4 as their primary trading platform for technical analysis

Yep. What is more, a lot of people use desktop computers or laptops connected to more than one screen to make a proper analysis and trade, I don't think such a set up is in any way comparable to a mobile device, even one with a largish screen. Mobile devices do have their uses though, obviously if y...

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